Very Sorry

For information regarding our Ticketing, Privacy and Legal policies, please go to our "Privacy and Legal" page here

We are committed to the health and safety of our festival attendees. As such, there are certain guidelines we ask you abide by in order to ensure a fun festival for everyone.

Things in the “Please Do” category:

  • Absolutely have FUN!!!
  • Absolutely come and relax on the grassy knoll (we promise you won't have to shoot anyone).
  • Absolutely bring the kids.
  • Absolutely feel free to thank a Veteran.
  • Absolutely feel free to throw a beach ball around No larger than 16" in diameter (we'll have them available for purchase).
  • Absolutely watch your kids. Please, Please, Please watch your children, including the one's that are over 35. They're the worst.

  • Things in the “Please Don't” category:

  • Please NO PETS. Only qualified service animals permitted.
  • No cans or glass.
  • No outside beverages, except Kids’ juice/milk boxes/baby formula
  • No large coolers. Six pack size or smaller.
  • No chairs higher than 18” on the grass in the Bowl Area or in front of the Patriot stage.
  • No Frisbee or disc throwing.
  • No fireworks, open flames or sky lanterns.
  • No video recording of any performances.
  • No motorized vehicles in the festival area (Golf Carts, ATVs, Segways).
  • No unauthorized sales – if you’re not a registered vendor you may not sell or distribute anything on the festival grounds. Violators are subject to confiscation and/or ejection.
  • No laser pens or similar focused-light devices.
  • No professional photography equipment or cameras with detachable lenses.
  • No remote-control aerial devices, toys, cameras or equipment (drones, toy planes, etc.).
  • NO Crying.

    Prohibited items may be added to this list at any time as required.

    Festival attendees must abide by all local, state, and federal laws. NO DRUG SALES tolerated anywhere on the festival site. Anyone caught selling or distributing illicit substances will immediately be ejected from the festival. Please remember that blatant use of it offends community standards. Please use common sense.